Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-tool

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Bear Grylls and Gerber teamed up to bring about this extremely helpful multitool, they call it Survival Series Ultimate Multi-tool.

What I like about this ultimate Multi-Tool

  1. It dropped out all the useless tools in a traditional multi-tool
  2. Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool doesn’t rust
  3. 12 features which are all very useful including scissors, pliers, screw drivers, can opener, blade and much more
  4. The blades are accessible from the outside and they lock themselves when you open them, so you dont have to think about cutting your hand in the middle of working.

What I don’t like about this ultimate Bear Grylls Multi-Tool

  1. It has less features. Though I think that having all the useful features and dropping out the useless features is a good thing, some others might argue.

What this video about Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Multi-Tool With Nylon Sheath:

Purchase Ultimate Multi-Tool With Nylon Sheath from Amazon

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