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Bear Grylls Clothing Line: Men’s Mountain Jacket

by irtiza104 on October 22, 2011

Man vs Wild Bear Grylls Mountain Jacket: Buy from Amazon

One of the top products of Man vs Wild Bear Grylls clothing line is “Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket”. In this post I am going to talk about this jacket straight from Bear Grylls clothing line!

What I loved about Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket:

1) Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket utilizes Aqua Dry technology to ensure waterproof breath ability. This laminated fabric is a combination of a waterproof membrane which is breathable to a durable polyamide outer face fabric for exceptional waterproof performance.

2) Fixed, full wrap around face hood with draw cord system, folds away into bellowed collar

3) The jacket has 3 external zipped pockets, 1 fused, 2 zipped inner pockets, protected weatherproof pocket for keeping maps, branded molded cuff tab and some other features.

4) The finishing touches on this product are a masterpiece. It fits perfectly and it is warm and comfortable to move about.

5) Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket also provides lifetime guarantee.

6) Available in multiple colors.

What I didn’t like about Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket:

1) Though the jacket is very good in quality, but like any other products on the Bear Grylls clothing line, it costs a little more than an ordinary jacket. After all, it’s a bear Grylls product – a real life hero!

2) The jacket is very comfortable in a cold weather, but as the temperature rises, it might be a little less comfortable compared to ordinary jackets which have more arm vents.

Man vs Wild Bear Grylls Mountain Jacket: Buy from Amazon

Judging the pros and cons of this product of Bear Grylls clothing line, my advice would be, if you love to have extraordinary jackets for men on mountains, then you should choose “Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket”. And when you are thinking about giving emphasis on the mountain riding, then to ensure waterproof breath ability, to have protected weatherproof map in pocket you ought to have it with you. So, Choose Bear Grylls Men’s Mountain Jacket for your adventure, have that life style and be the real life hero like Bear Grylls!

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