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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit Review

by irtiza104 on October 25, 2011

Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit

Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit

If you are adventurous and you always thought of some kind of survival tools that not only easy to carry but also would allow you to survive in toughest situations, then you must have this “Gerber 31-000700 Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic kit”. In this post, I am going to focus on this Basic kit which is a part of the Gerber Bear Grylls Series of gear. This collaboration brings together Gerber’s 70 years of knife and gear expertise with Bear Grylls’ extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience.

Gerber 31-000700 Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit:

This basic kit is a collection of essential items that every outdoor adventurer should posses.

Let’s have a look what’s in the basic kit box.

  • Nylon pouch
  • Knife
  • Whistle
  • Fire Starter
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Snare Wire
  • Emergency Cord
  • Cotton Ball Fire Tinder
  • Pocket Survival Guide
  • Rescue Instructions

What I loved about the Survival tool:

1) Eight piece kit along with Pocket Survival Guide and Rescue Instructions will always keep you prepare to fight against all adverse situations that the nature might offer at you in your adventures.

2) Reasonable price, item dimensions are better to carry offering less weight.

3) Including of Survival guide and SOS instructions comes handy.

4) Ideal kit for outdoor hard-core adventures.

What I didn’t like about the tool:

1) The wire is so small that it might be easily lost if you are not careful. The string as well can be disappeared.

2) Though the knife is razor sharp yet it doesn’t allow you cut bigger things for its small gripping. But I guess that is reasonably okay as it is the basic kit.

Watch this video when Bear Grylls introduces this Basic Survival Kit!

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If you are waiting for my opinion whether you should have the kit or not then I would say yes. Because, it is one of the best survival tools packages available in the market which has no near matches. Each item of the kit is effective and you would gratify yourself for the best purchase you were looking to have just before your dare adventure. So hurry up and grab one before its too late before your mission. Keep yourself always prepared for harder situations and when looking for an adventure never forget to have with you the best ever survival tool bag offered by Bear Grylls “Gerber 31-000700 Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit”.