Bear Grylls Clothing Line: Men’s Survival Pants

by irtiza104 on October 22, 2011

Bear Grylls Survival Pants

Bear Grylls Survival Pants

The product of man vs wild clothing line that I’m going to discuss in this post is “Bear Grylls Survival Series Survivor Pant”, one of the finest products of Bear Grylls clothing line you would like to have with you when you are planning about something adventurous. It offers you not only comfort but also its 7 pockets would allow you to keep some other smaller survival tools with you like Bear Grylls ultimate knife, emergency fire starter, ultimate multi tool etc.

You may think that why you should have Survivor Pant or what kind of help it can do for you in adverse situations. Or in which sense it is different from other pants or trousers? Okay, here are some answers of your quarries from my experience.

What I loved about this survival clothing:

  1. These pants are exceptionally comfortable and very resilient, being made from polyamide nylon. The pants endure extreme fluctuations in temperature, use, wear and tear.
  2. 7 pocket assembly to have much survival tools, ankle reinforcement, protective boot tape,
  3. Bear Grylls Survival Series Survivor Pant” offers stretch panels and lifetime guarantee.
  4. The pants were sized aptly, with the exception of being a tiny bit long in the length of the legs.

What I didn’t like about this survival tool:

  1. The stitches on the buttons might be a little less than perfect.

So my advice would be, if you want to give emphasis on the comfort, extreme fluctuations in temperature then I think this Survivor pant will perform much better than the other pants.

Life is not always as pleasant as we assume. It is quite simple or rather I should clarify ordinary incident that you may find yourself in an adverse situation where your life may fall in danger. In that moment you must adopt yourself to survive that situation. Though sometimes survival is a matter of luck, but in that situation if you have some survival tools then you might defeat the fear of death. In this article I described one of those types of survival tools, “Bear Grylls Survival Series Survivor Pant” (Purchase from Amazon and SAVE BIG).

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